About Us

As the area's preeminent cardiology practice, we are equipped with our own Diagnostic Center, providing patients with test results as quickly as possible. 

At our Diagnostic Center we have included state-of-the art equipent to ensure accurate and reliable test results.  Our nuclear lab is ICANL certified.  Our staff is  dedicated to helping patients through all aspects of care.  In keeping with our mission of educating patients on preventive heart health we offer Cardiac Screenings.  We encourage anyone over the age of 40, or who has a family history of heart disease, to come to our office, meet with Dr. Berger, and discuss a cardiac screening plan that works best for you.

Our patients will be able to undergo the following test in our office:

Nuclear Studies / Spect perfusion Studies
Basic Cardiovascular Testing
Cardiac Ultrasound
Vascular Studies

Hospital Affiliations:

■Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
■Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, FL
■Memorial Regional Hospital South, Hollywood, FL
■Memorial Regional Hospital West, Pembroke Pines, FL
■Kindred, Hollywood, FL


Lawrence A. Berger M.D., P.A. is proud to be a nationally accredited imaging facility.  Our Nuclear Laboratory is accredited by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Laboratories ICANL. Lawrence A. Berger M.D., P.A. received this accreditation by voluntarily demonstrating substantial compliance to the requirements outlined by ICANL Standards and by demonstrating a commitment to high quality patient care.


                                                                NUCLEAR CARDIOLOGY


We work for your health and well-being.