After Hours

After Hours

If you have an urgent medical need or in distress you need to call 911 right away!!!

Heart conditions are very serious and the sooner you are seen and treated, the better the chances of recovery.  If you need to speak with your doctor after hours, please call Lawrence A. Berger, M.D., P.A. at (305) 932-5551.  The answering service will page the doctor on call for you. A doctor is on call 24 hours a day and your call will be returned promptly.

Prescription Refills

Our office is happy to accommodate your needs for prescription refills during business hours (see above). Your pharmacy may need to fax us a request for a refill. Our office needs 48 hours to respond to refill requests. If you have not been seen in over a year, you will most likely need to make a follow up appointment before refills can be given to assure that the medication is still appropriate and beneficial to your situation.

Also, please remember that we can ONLY refill prescriptions during business hours as the on call doctors do not have access to your medical records. Please make note of how many pills are left in your bottle and request refills ahead of time to avoid running out.  Your pharmacy may fax refills to (305) 932-2397.

We work for your health and well-being.